Evolutionary Auditing

It is the process of analyzing large volumes of data generated by the operations of the companies, with the purpose of establishing the relationship map of the information systems, to visualize how they impact the different areas in the management of the business (operation) and thus generate the knowledge so that the Audit work is focused on risk mitigation.

As a result of this development we are able to:

  • Understand the management (operation) of the business from the perspective of the relationship of variables.
  • Validate the reasonableness and dependence between what is sold and the cost to achieve it, as well as the analysis of other criteria that can be related.
  • Detect anomalies through Maching Learning models.
  • Detect optimizations regarding improvements to processes visible by their transactionality.
  • Detect groups of operations that are related to the operation, but are not part of the relationship of variables.
  • Evaluate trends that foresee future risks.
  • Add criteria in the accounting structures to provide information aligned with the strategy.
  • Permanent contact with the client.
  • No Post-Mortem: audit to prevent and not to correct.
  • It is permanent

Rodrigo Moreno Navarrete

Partner, CEO

Management Audit

We connect to your information to evaluate the indicators used to control the business strategy, commercial, production, administration and business continuity.

We provide you with a report on the inefficiencies found and the improvements to be implemented to optimize the management reading.


Specific Audits

We develop audit processes tailored to your needs by applying the most modern methodologies based on data analysis and anomalous behavior. We handle different types of audits such as: financial audit, forensic audit, tax audit, purchase audit, among others.

Fiscal Auditing

The Evolutionary Audit applied to the Statutory Audit, provides a vision for the detection of risks and improvements to processes in a timely manner.

The understanding of the management allows us to strengthen the analysis of the results of the financial statements, to be able to express an opinion on them.

We fulfill our responsibility as statutory auditors, in legal aspects, tax compliance and maintain a permanent communication with our clients.


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